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How to Choose the Perfect Online Exam Software for your Coaching Class!

Today with the advancement in the technology world, there is a significant shift happening in the education sector. Traditionally the exams were being conducted using pen and paper,  now that is being replaced with online examination software. Even the government wants the competitive exams conducted in the traditional way to be replaced by online software due to the many advantages it has over the conventional method. Now to catch the trend, an institute or coaching class need to equip themselves with the technology. So the next major question is how we can evaluate which software to choose and what pointers should we keep in mind before making a decision.

Below are some of the things which need to be kept in mind before selecting any software.

online examnination software

How easy to use the online examination software is?

One of the most significant consideration while choosing any software should be how easy it is to use the system. Teachers are relatively new to the concept, so it is essential that online exam software should be easy to use. The more teachers are comfortable with the system, the more it has chances to be used regularly. There are multiple exam patterns so the system should be able to support objective questions, multiple-choice question and essay type questions. Even the students who will be taking the test should be able to give the test with zero training required.

Will it be easily accessible?

Today due to cheap internet access and smartphone availability, it has become easier to conduct online exam. 
While evaluating any online examination software, you should ask the following three questions:

  1. Is the examination software web-based and running on the cloud?
  2. Does the online examination software have apps for both the App Store and Play Store platform?
  3. Will it be able to replicate real-life competitive exam experience?

Is it Scalable, and what are the Guarantees on Uptime?

When it comes to online examination software, it is essential that the software should be scalable with the number of students who can attempt the tests simultaneously. The right online software will not require much bandwidth, and it can quickly work with an active broadband connection and a web browser. With related to this, an important question to ask will be:

  1. What is the uptime guarantee promised by the online examination software provider?
  2. Will the system be able to scale up as and when needed?
  3. Having the system support the auto-save of questions answered by the student and will it be handy in case the internet is not reliable.

Can it remove the need for for a test invigilator?

Students gaming the system to score perfect marks is a common practice. Concerning this, you should ask the vendor: to ensure that the exam will be conducted fairly, What anti-cheating feature they have in place. Below are some common ways which should be supported by an online examination software company to reduce cheating.

  1. Generation of test link based on IP Address so that only authorised students will be able to give the test and having it encrypted with some combination of either PIN or Password will make it full proof.
  2. Disabling options like navigating away from test window or blocking copy-paste and print-screen controls.
  3. Having a webcam attached to the test so that the software will automatically monitor and alert the concerned person on deviation, this will help in removing the chances of students gaming or cheating the system.

Do they provide Online Reporting and Real-Time Analysis?

The most significant advantage of an online examination software is the instant generation of examination result and the analysis. While selecting an online examination software, one needs to ask  the below list of questions:

  1. What reports and analysis are available in the software?
  2. Will the software provide detailed question-level feedback and recommendations to both student and faculty on how the student can improve his or her performance

As based on the data generated by the online exam software, the faculty can work with the students to improve their performance.

Can it be configured with your internal application?

Today outside of online examination software, a coaching class or institute might be using a learning management system or information system. So an excellent online examination software should be able to support seamless integration with an external system.

Will they provide proper technical support?

For proper implementation of the online examination software, the software provider will need to provide adequate support. To ensure this, you need to ask the below question:

  1. What kind of self-service knowledge base is available in case of a standard query?
  2. What are the various modes of support provided? for example email, chat or phone 
  3. How fast will the software be updated in case of any technical issue or bugs?

The best online examination software product will be able to provide excellent client support and proper updates to the software according to the change in the advancement of technology.

Do they provide custom, branded mobile apps?

To build a digital brand and face of your coaching class, it has become essential that your online examination software should be able to provide the facility to create your own custom branded app.

We’d love to be here to answer any questions you may have regarding the selection of the right online examination software for your coaching class or institute. Feel free to let us know in the comment section.