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How ExamJoy will help in Online Examination Management?

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our new product, Examjoy, software to manage online examination.
Before building this product, we have developed a successful coaching class management software, Classpro. More than 1000 coaching classes are actively using it across India and Asia.

Examjoy was built after receiving multiple requests for online examination platform, from our existing customers. Because current products available in the market for online examination system are not up to the mark. We believe that using our expertise; we can build an excellent product for the education industry. Solve this problem and improve the way a student prepares for an examination. ExamJoy is an online platform on which any type of online examination can be conducted by coaching classes or institutes.

Let me start with the benefits of using ExamJoy

 No Test Limitation:

In case of offline based examination, there are limitations on the number of tests you can conduct in a day. The physical location availability, accommodation of the total number of students and many other factors can be the reasons. The beauty of an online examination product is that there are no limitations on the number of tests. You can conduct numerous exams in a single day along with the number of students who can attend the exam. As students need to have a smartphone with internet access and they can attend these tests from anywhere

Instant Result Generation:

For any exam conducted, our system will be able to generate the result instantaneously. We provide detailed exam insights to students that will help students to know where they need to improve. Traditionally in the offline examination system, test result generation is a time-consuming process. It’s hard to generate result instantly since it’s a manual task.

Complete access to Student Performance:

We provide separate login access to a coaching class owner using. They will be able to access the details of all the students who appeared for the exam. And how they have performed and their areas of improvement. Using this data, the coaching class owners can work with both faculty and students to improve their performance. Students can access these reports from anywhere and anytime using mobile or computer.


One of the most significant advantages of technology can do things faster and cheaper as it eliminates human involvement. So there is no need for manual paper checking by staff, moderator, physical location or printing. ExamJoy does not need substantial investments in hardware as we have apps available for both Play Store and App Store. The only requirement is that the students need to have a smartphone with a good internet connection. The staff need to have a computer with an internet connection for uploading the question bank and creating the test.

Full control of the content (Question Bank):

Traditionally most of the online examination system comes with their content, and this causes a problem on the quality. One important thing we have seen is that the best coaching class owners want to control the quality of the question bank. As they want to know how a student is performing in a particular subject or topic and their level of understanding; also they can keep tight control over the quality of the exam conducted. One of the most significant advantages of ExamJoy is that we can help coaching classes to conduct online exams using their content. To make this process easier, we have built a question bank uploader in ExamJoy. This feature enables you to upload questions created using Microsoft Word document easily.

As ExamJoy is in its early stage, we are continually improving our product. So, at every step of this journey, we need your help to build the best online examination software. Please share your feedback and comments on what features you feel are missing in ExamJoy. We would like to know your thoughts on how the online examination system is going to shape the education domain.